Hawoo! I'm Holly (it>she)--runt of the litter, professional urban fox, and ENIGMA OF A BEAST!! I'm a fox (obviously), vixen if you want to be specific, the webmaster of this site (internal screaming), and a lover of overusing parentheses to constantly add information nobody asked for. I love physical boxes but hate metaphorical ones, and as such tend to avoid using labels for myself (exceptions include stuff like madcrip and queer, just because I like to say "fuck you" to normativity).

I'm a nature enthusiast with a particular love for swamps, dirt/mud, bodies of water, fog/mist, dew, and the sun/solar imagery. The sun especially plays a large part in my spirituality and practice; and in a way, me and Nova actually combine our practices as a sort of sun/moon duo! I also adore plushies and have a collection that has practically taken over every free inch of space I had, with more being added whenever possible of course.

Like everyone else in the skulk, I'm also queer~ I do not experience gender and am additionally entirely removed from the concept. I love men (<333) but experience a limited capacity for attraction until a close bond is formed.

More often than not you'll find me writing a lengthy and strongly-worded rant about whatever I'm passionate about in the current moment. Or playing video games. Usually both. At the same time. Sometimes I even make art! Sometimes...