Hey! We see you've stumbled across our quaint little corner of the internet. We're Kindred, an ADULT, queer, semi-verbal, madcrip, plural system. Before we move on, we want to make something very clear, we do not speak of our origins, we do not ask for origins, we are plural and so is anyone who says they are. End of discussion.

With that out of the way, some quick etiquette towards speaking to us as a system:

  • When referring to us collectively, we ask you use our collective name (Kindred) and pronouns (they/them), along with any other terms you'd use for a group of people. We are fine being called a "system" or "collective", though we also frequently refer to ourselves as a "skulk".
  • If referring to us individually, we each have names/pronouns listed on our separate pages. Also, do not call us "alters", use "headmate" or "person" instead (though, again, we oftentimes call ourselves "skulkmates").
  • We usually make it very clear who's at front, but on the off chance we don't and you want to know, ask! Or just refer to us as you would collectively, since chances are if we hadn't made it clear who's speaking then we're blurred or there's multiple of us speaking.
  • You can ask to talk to someone who's not at front, but whether your request will be fulfilled is something we cannot guarantee. If we're not able to reach whoever you're wanting to talk to we'll pass a note along and they'll contact you when they can.
  • We all share memory and talking to one us of means the rest of us will have knowledge of what transpired, however we're not always paying attention.

And another thing: do not call any of us "alterhuman". Or therian. Or otherkin. Or any related terms. Some of us may not be human, but we are in no way part of, related to, or even interested in the alterhuman communities. (If you must label us, we respond positively to either just our species--"fox", "magpie", etc. or "beastfolk" and "animalperson", including variations of, such as replacing "beast" and "animal" with our individual species, i.e. "ferretfolk" or "wolfperson".)

One last thing: This goes hand-in-hand with the whole "we aren't therians" thing, but we do not "identify as" (or with!) our species, we are our species. We'd appreciate you refrain from referring to our species as our "identities".